How can I identify a journal article from my reading list?

You should expect to see journal articles on your reading list. Journal articles will normally have volume and/or part numbers included in the reference.

Here are two examples of journal article references:

Bennett, H., Gunter, H. & Reid, S. (2014) Through a glass darkly: images of appraisal. Journal of Teacher Development, 5 (3) October, pp.39-46.

Clarke, T.J. (1995) Freud’s Cézanne. Representations, No. 52 Fall, pp.94-122.

These references can be broken down into different parts in order to identify the actual article it refers to.

How to break down journal information into parts: Journal Title is Journal of Teacher Development, Year is 2014, Volume is Volume 5, Part / Issue number is Number 3 and Page numbers are pp.39-46


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