What is Leeds Beckett University Library Donations Policy?

Acceptance of donated items has cost and resource implications, even if the items themselves are free. Our concern is with meeting our customers’ needs, and to support the current curriculum, and so we will consider the criteria outlined below before acceptance.

  • Items must be a good fit for our collection, relevant to our University’s teaching, learning, research and consultancy activities
  • Items must be the latest or newer edition if the item is already in stock
  • We will only accept extra copies of items already in stock where usage justifies this
  • Items may not be accepted if the content is already covered effectively by the existing collection
  • We are not able to accept items that require old or obsolete technology to use them (for example, audio cassettes or videos)
  • Items must be in ‘as new’ condition and contain up-to-date material (except where content is of historical value)
  • We may, in exceptional circumstances, accept items which do not meet the above criteria, for example key texts which are now out of print, or new works by Leeds Beckett authors. This would be at the discretion of the appropriate Academic Librarian.
  • We may accept items likely to be of interest to the Archives and Special Collections. This would be at the discretion of the Content Delivery Manager.

Items are accepted on the condition that, if they are not suitable for our collection, they will be passed to an alternative suitable organisation for re-sale, re-use or recycling.

We are unable to accept donations without previous agreement.  Please contact the Collections and Acquisitions Manager for further information or to discuss any possible donations.

Contact:            Eric Jackson, Collections and Acquisitions Manager 0113 812 3795


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