How do I manage Selected Publications on my staff profile?

Symplectic allows you to manage the list of selected publications that appears on your Staff Profile page. If you do not select any publications as favourite all publications will display. Once you select any as favourites, you must select favourites to display them on your profile:

Heart icon/Make favourite  Heart icon/Make favourite

This button can be used to identify “favourites”, which will feed through to Selected Publications listed on your staff profile. 

To select a publication for the Selected Publications part of your profile, select the heart icon Heart icon/Make favourite on the record in Symplectic. Deselect the icon to deselect the publication.

Eye icon/Make invisible Eye icon/Make invisible 

This button can be used to identify publications that will not be shown on your profile at all, either in Selected Publications or the full publications list.

If you do not want a publication to appear anywhere on your profile, you can make it invisible by selecting the eye icon Eye icon/Make invisible

Your staff profile will normally be refreshed overnight to reflect any changes made, or contact us if you would like the change to be reflected more quickly.