How do I search Discover?

Please note: we recommend using Google Chrome to access Discover. 

We recommend using keyword searches in Discover, to search for information on a topic. You can do basic and more advanced searches depending on the type of resources you wish to find.

Basic search

You will see quick access points to Discover throughout the library website and the Library tab in My Beckett. 







You can use these, or the basic search screen in Discover, to start your search. Type in a keyword such as an article title, author, or basic subject term.

Advanced search

This option will allow you to

  • input more specific details such as author and title
  • build more complex keyword searches
  • limit your search to scholarly (peer reviewed) journals, or specific image types such as maps and photographs

Subject search

Your subject guides also have quick access points to Discover. You can use these to start a more focused search, as Discover will only search the most relevant subject resources.


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