How do I view my marks and feedback for a Turnitin submission?

If your lecturer is marking / providing feedback in Turnitin, marks and feedback will be released on a pre-determined date (usually the assignment's Feedback Release Date). After that date you can view your mark and / or feedback your lecturer has provided using the Turnitin submission link you originally submitted in.  When you open your paper it will show the feedback and comments in this view which is called Turnitin Feedback Studio. 

Below you can follow the steps on how to access your feedback, understand the different types of feedback that are available, how to download your paper with feedback and find out about the accessibility of feedback. You may like to watch this video walkthrough to begin:



How do I access Turnitin feedback?

  1. Open the module containing your Turnitin assignment submission link.
  2. Once you open your assignment submission link then click on your assignment by clicking on the paper title/name to open it. (Click on the blue text known as a hyperlink, it will open your submission in Feedback Studio.

This is an example of a Turnitin assignment submission link with the Turnitin logo:


You should be able to see any feedback left by your lecturer in your paper and feedback panel by clicking the blue speech bubble icon on the right toolbar.


Rubrics/Grading Forms, Voice Comments and Text Comments 

The speech bubble icon will open the feedback panel on the right of the screen. Your lecturer may have included a rubric/grading form, voice comments, or a general text summary here.


Speech Bubble Comments

Your lecturer may also have added comments within the document text. If you see a blue box with writing or a speech bubble, you can click on this for more feedback.



Information Icon

You can click the information icon in the panel on the right to see a summary of how many comments your lecturer has left. This reveals all feedback left by your lecturer.


Download with feedback

You can download your paper with feedback, click the download arrow above the information icon.

Download feedback from Turnitin Feedback Studio, choose the Current View.


Types of feedback

Lecturers may leave all, some or none of the following feedback types. These are explained below:

  • QuickMarks are blue boxes containing text. Hover over them to get more detailed feedback. If a QuickMark contains additional text comments, this is indicated by a speech bubble icon within the blue box. A speech bubble with a grid icon means that your lecturer has linked the feedback to a rubric or grading form.
  • Bubble comments are blue boxes containing speech bubble icons. Hover over them to get more detailed feedback. A speech bubble with a grid icon means that your lecturer has linked the feedback to a rubric or grading form.
  • ​Inline Comments appear as italic blue text on your submission.
  • Strikethrough text. If text has a line through it, your lecturer may have used the strikethrough feature to let you know that parts of the document are unnecessary or need more work.
  • Text Comments are located on the right of Feedback Studio and often provide a summary of the feedback and a comment on the submission as a whole.
  • Voice Comments appear above the text comments on the right of Feedback Studio. Click the play button to listen to the feedback. Make sure you've got headphones plugged in if you don’t want anyone overhearing your lecturer's comments!
  • Rubrics and Grading Forms. If your lecturer has used a rubric or grading form to mark your work, you can access this by clicking the speech bubble icon in the panel on the right of Feedback Studio, then View Rubric. This will open the scorecard so that you can view the grading criteria. More information is available in our guide to rubrics and grading forms.


  • Voice comments - Turnitin currently doesn’t have the ability to transcribe instructor voice comments into text form. Students with hearing disabilities will not be able to consume the voice comments provided by their lecturer, instead Turnitin recommend that these should be typed into the written comments box.
  • Student submission - If you are using a screen reader, you can access a text-only version of your similarity report by pressing Tab + Enter upon accessing the similarity report.
  • Inline comments - Turnitin currently doesn’t allow the ability to navigate to comments left inline within the paper with a keyboard or screen reader in its default interface. You can download a text version of your report. When leaving comments for students with vision impairment, Turnitin recommend lecturers include the original text alongside their comments so that you can associate the lecturer’s comment with the text of your submission.

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