What is a Turnitin rubric / grading form?

If you have submitted work via Turnitin, your tutors may choose to mark and provide feedback using a rubric or grading form.

What is a rubric?

A rubric contains definitions of marking criteria for your assignment. These are displayed in a table, with columns showing what is expected at each level in order to achieve particular marks.

What is a grading form?

A grading form is similar to a rubric, in that it contains definitions of marking criteria for your assignment. Instead of a table of columns showing descriptions of each level of achievement, your tutors can use a grading form to structure written feedback under a heading for each criterion.

Can I access a rubric/grading form before submitting my assignment?

If your tutors have attached a rubric or grading form to a Turnitin assignment, you can access this via the assignment Submissions Inbox. This may help you to understand the requirements of your assignment.

  1. In your module, locate your Turnitin assignment and click View Assignment.
    View Assignment link
  2. Click the blue rubric icon in the Tools section.
    Rubric icon
  3. The rubric or grading form will open.

    Rubrics will look something like this:
    Example rubric

    Grading forms will looks something like this:
    Example grading form

How do I access feedback left through a rubric/grading form?

If your tutor is marking / providing feedback in Turnitin, this will be released on a pre-determined date (usually the assignment's Post Date listed in the Submissions Inbox).

  1. Open the assignment Submissions Inbox.
    View Assignment link
  2. Your submission is listed next to your name. Click on the submission title to open it.
    Assignment name
  3. When your submission opens, click the speech bubble icon in the panel on the right.

  4. If your tutor has used a rubric or grading form, you can click View Rubric.
    View Rubric button

    Rubric feedback will look something like this. Highlighted cells indicate your level of achievement against each criterion.
    Example rubric feedback

    Grading form feedback will look something like this. Tutor comments are listed in a column on the right.
    Example grading form feedback

Our guide to viewing marks and feedback provides more information about how to access feedback for Turnitin assignments.


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