How do I create a personal PebblePad account for when I graduate?

If you're about to graduate from Leeds Beckett University, you're entitled to a free personal PebblePad Alumni account. It allows you to take your PebblePad assets with you and continue to use PebblePad to support your personal learning and professional development as you move on to the next stage of your career. You'll have access to the Alumni account for free for as long as you need.

1. In PebblePad, click the menu in the top left corner. Click Additional settings, then click Free Alumni Accounts. A warning asks you if you're sure you want to create a personal account.

2. Click the Continue link.

3. Fill in the details on the Collecting details form.

a. Choose a new Username and check it's available.
b. Add in your other details.
c. When ready, click Continue.

4.  On the Terms & Conditions page:

a. Select your subject expertise and career destination.
b. Accept the terms and conditions including the code of conduct.
c. When ready, click Continue.

5. On the Confirmation page:

a. If everything's correct, click Confirm to create the account.

6. The Complete page lists your account information, including the login link to the personal account. This link is also available at

When you log in to your personal account, open up your Asset Store and your Leeds Beckett University account will be listed as an available store.

Please note: Once you've converted your University account into a personal account, you DON'T use the Leeds Beckett University link. All help and support issues should be directed to PebblePad and not the University.

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