What is an Asset in PebblePad?

In PebblePad, an 'Asset' is anything that you create or upload into your account.

You can create different types of Asset, depending on what you are required to do in PebblePad. Assets are saved in an area called the 'Asset Store', which you can learn more about in our What is the Asset Store in PebblePad? FAQ.

You may be asked to create a piece of work in PebblePad, and link to other Assets you create within that piece of work. The 'container' Asset is usually either a Portfolio, Page, Blog or Workbook.

Think of this like creating a new Microsoft Word document - but instead you create directly into PebblePad. You create content and can insert text, images and more.

Your course team or tutor should provide you with an assignment brief or guidance on how you are expected to use PebblePad. As courses use PebblePad in a variety of different ways, you may be asked to (for example) create a Portfolio from scratch, or use a workbook template - so it's really important to read any guidance given by your tutor and to familiarise yourself with the system, so that you are equipped to get the most out of PebblePad. 


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