How do I scan a document to my email?

You can scan to your university email (as a PDF or JPEG) from any of the printers in the Library. 

All scanned documents default to PDF files, but this can be changed to suit your requirements. 

JPEG images are a good option if you need to email a photograph, single page form or certificate to someone, or insert an image into a Microsoft Word Document. You can change scan settings to a JPEG image if required.

How to scan a document to email:

  1. Scan your Campus Card on a printer and click on 'Scan to E-mail' to begin
  2. Place the document you want to scan face down on the glass plate
  3. Press 'Touch to scan and preview' to make sure the positioning is correct
  4. Press the green 'Send' button
  5. Press the 'Clear' button to clear your settings
  6. Check your student email for your scanned document. This may take a couple of minutes.

Please note - the price per scan is 1p, so please top up before scanning.

Make sure your printing and photocopying complies with copyright legislation or the CLA Licence.

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