How do I access My Marks and Feedback?

This FAQ is the option of viewing your Marks and Feedback via indvidiual modules that your tutors have told you to check Provisional Grades.

There is a menu link called Provisional Grades which show all your marks / feedback within that module once they have been made available.

  1. To view your assignments feedback go to a module containing an assignment you previously submitted.
  2. Click on Provisional Grades, which appears in the menu on the left of the module.

Please note: this is only visible as long as your lecturer has enabled this link and it is only visible at certain times. If you have been informed to click on this link but cannot see it, please contact your lecturer. Please see the bottom of the page for further information.

Provisional Grades


The default view shows all graded / marked, upcoming assessments and submitted assignments / tests and surveys.

To view your feedback

  • Anything that is clickable will be blue
  • Click the assignment name (if a hyperlink) or
  • Any blue icons to view feedback such as Speech bubble or Rubric

Here is an example of My Marks which shows the default view, blue items are clickable, these are links to view feedback via the title, rubric and comments:

View assignment feedback via clicking on blue text and/or comments bubble

If Provisional Grades is not visible you can also go the original submission area and open your submission from there and also via the Marks link in the main MyBeckett menu described in this FAQ: How do I view my provisional marks and feedback for all online assessments within a module?


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