How do I view my provisional marks and feedback for all online assessments within a module?

There are several ways you can access your provisional marks and feedback depending on the type of assessment, w the following explains the most common: Blackboard Assignments, Tests and Turnitin.

Grades (MyBeckett main menu)

Clicking on Grades from the main menu in MyBeckett will list all of your Modules regardless if any grades are available, your lecturers will communicate to you when these are available to view. 

Regularly check Activity Stream and within your modules for Announcements and Emails from your lecturers. 

Grades MyBeckett main menu


To view My Marks, either click on the module title or view all work link (bottom right corner) located above or below the message stating 'Your recently marked work will appear here':

Grades click on Title or Link to view all


This will take you to an area called My Marks.

To view your feedback for Turnitin submissions please click on the assignment name (blue text). More on viewing your Turnitin assignment feedback.

Modules menu

You can view your Provisional Grades for all of your online assessments in your MyBeckett module menu (if used by your lecturer).

Note: If Provisional Grades is not visible within your module your lecturer may not have enabled this option especially if Turnitin Assignments are used. you will go to the submission point for the Turnitin Assignment link to view your grades and feedback (only visible after the release date).

​​​​For other types of assessment:

  1. Enter the relevant module.
  2. In the module navigation menu (left of module), click the Provisional Grades link. (If it's not there, your lecturer may not have made it available for you to view):


    Provisional Grades in the menu


  3. After clicking it, you'll see a list of module assessments. On the right you'll see your provisional marks. If an assignment is still waiting to be marked, a yellow exclamation icon is displayed.
  4. If you cannot view all your assignments, or there is a Total Mark missing, please ensure 'All' is selected:
  5. For Blackboard assignments, if feedback has been left, there'll be a speech bubble icon next to your mark. Click it to view your feedback, or click on the assignment title which will take you through to your mark and feedback.  See the view your Blackboard marks and feedback FAQ for more information.
  6. For Turnitin Assignments to view feedback click on the the assignment title in blue text (it doesn't look like it is clickable, but it is!).  This will take you to the submissions inbox, click on your submitted paper to view feedback in Feedback studio.  See the view your Turnitin marks and feedback FAQ for more information.

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