Why is my Blackboard assignment showing a blue pie chart icon?

If you have followed the steps in our how to submit a Blackboard assignment FAQ but you see a blue pie chart icon in the marks and feedback panel on the right of your submission, this means that your submission attempt is still in progress.

Blue pie icon

To complete your submission:

  1. Click Continue.

    Continue button
  2. Check your assignment details (e.g. the files you have attached).

    Attached files

    You can add or edit a text submission, attach files, or mark files for removal. 

    Edit options
  3. Click Submit.

    Submit button
  4. When your submission is complete, a green Success! message will appear at the top of the screen.

    Success message
  5. Your submission will open in the Blackboard assignment viewer. If the file conversion message does not disappear, try refreshing the page.

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