How do I complete a self / peer assessment?

MyBeckett's self/peer assessment tool is made of two parts:

  • Answering assessment questions set by your tutors. 
  • Evaluating your own answers or those of your peers. Your tutors will be able to see the marks/feedback you provide during the evaluation period.

Please note, this is different to a Turnitin PeerMark assignment.

Answering assessment questions

  1. Locate your assessment within your MyBeckett module. You can identify a self/peer assessment in your module as it's icon shows a group of three people next to a tick symbol.
  2. The title, instructions and dates will vary according to your task. The submission dates show the period in which you can answer assessment questions. The evaluations dates show the period in which you can complete a self/peer evaluation on question answers.




  1. Click the View/Complete Assessment link under the dates (blue hyperlink).
  2. Click on Question 1.
  3. Type your response to the question. you can attach files if necessary.
  4. At the bottom right, click Next to move to the next question, or Submit if there are no further questions.


Evaluating your answers or those of your peers

  1. After the evaluation start date, click View/Complete Assessment to open the self/peer assessment again.
  2. If you are required to self assess your answers, you will see your name in the Evaluations list. Click on your name to start the evaluation.
  3. If you are required to assess the work of one or more of your peers, you will see their names in the Evaluations list (unless the assessment is anonymous). Click on a name to start an evaluation.




     4. Below each question number, you will find:

  • Question: This is the original question set by your tutor.
  • Model Response: If your tutor has written an example answer, you can click Model Response to compare this with the submission. 
  • Question Points: This tells you the available marks for the question.




  • Submission: This is the text submitted by the student.
  • Criteria: This is the section to use in your evaluation of the submission. If you see a Points Possible box, you can use this to allocate a mark out of the total indicated to the left of the box. If you see an Allocate Points checkbox, you can tick this if you want to allocate the marks indicated to the right of the box. You may have the option to leave feedback in a Feedback to Learner box.
  1. When you have finished evaluating the question, click Save and Next Question or Save and Submit if you have reached the final question.

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