Why does my Blackboard assignment freeze when trying to upload a large file/video, or not letting me submit?

There are many reasons why you are unable to submit, this FAQ are examples of known issues.  The following are suggested solutions, please contact the Library team for further support if your issue is not listed.

These are suggestions and workarounds depending on your device, browser, internet speed etc.

1.Try paste the link to the video or document into the text submission area instead of uploading:


Click Create Submission then paste in the link to your video (YouTube or OneDrive URL) into the text box, then click Submit.

2. Check your Browsers and Internet Speed:

  • We recommend using Google Chrome browser, on all your devices. Make sure it is up-to-date
  • For Windows/Mac try with a wired internet connection instead of wireless (WiFi)
  • Move closer to your router to increase wireless connection
  • Stop other applications and streaming to increase bandwith

3. Choose to Submit via Cloud Storage option:

  • Save your files to your student OneDrive (Office 365); find the link to your OneDrive by going to the Library & Student IT Support card
  • At the submission stage click Upload Files and choose Browse Cloud Service:


  • Then choose OneDrive (log in with student email credentials) and choose your files to attach and Submit.


4. Solution for Mac/iOS: Safari browser: 

If you are using Safari and receiving an error message there is a known issue - use Chrome (recommended) or Firefox instead.

When clicking Submit or Save Draft after uploading a large file to a Blackboard assignment it can often appear that nothing is happening or that the page is stuck uploading.

  • Please be patient as the file will be uploading
  • It will take approximately 1 minute to upload 25mb of your file
  • Do not close this window or interact further until you get the Success! purple banner:


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