How do I use the Academic Integrity Tutorial?

1. Log in to MyBeckett and go to your teaching module.

2. On the left of the screen you will see a navigation menu for the module. 

3. There is a section covering 'Assessment & Feedback'. Click on the link to 'Academic Integrity Tutorial'.

 MyBeckett left-hand menu with Academic Integrity Tutorial option highlighted



4. When you click this, the tutorial will start in a new browser window

Academic Integrity turorial opening page

5. Read the opening instructions and watch the welcome video. These will explain what the tutorial is, how it works and why it is important. 

6. Then scroll down the page to see the following Enrolling on this module box. This gives you instructions on how to enrol and get full access to the tutorial:

Academic Integrity tutorial enrol button


7. You will see the 'Enrol button' at the bottom of your left-hand menu. Click this to enrol automatically onto the module.

8. When you have done this, the link in your teaching module will disappear and the new module - the full tutorial - will appear on your home page.

Your lecturer will explain how the tutorial is to be used in your studies.

You may also want to read our FAQ: What is the Academic Integrity Tutorial?

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