How do I create a meeting in Microsoft Teams?

  1. Either open the Teams App or go to and log in using your student email address and MyBeckett password.

You can also access Teams through MyBeckett using this guide - How do I access Microsoft Teams?

  1. ​Click the Teams icon.

  1. ​Click Calendar.


Microsoft Teams sidebar

  1. ​Click New Meeting.


  1. ​Set up your meeting options.
  • Title: type the name of your meeting
  • Add attendees: you need to invite at least one person, e.g. another student (you can share the meeting link with people via email when you have set it up and created a shareable link)
  • Date and time: add the start and end date/time of your meeting
  • Recurrence: optional - you can set up a weekly meeting, for example
  • Channel: leave blank - this is only relevant if you have MS Teams sites set up
  • Location: leave blank - this will auto-populate when you save
  • Details: this is where the meeting link will appear when you save.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Your meeting will be added to the calendar. Double-click to open it. It will contain a Join the meeting now link. You will need to hold the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard while clicking the link for it to open.


A screenshot of the link to join a Teams meeting

  1. If you wish to copy the link to share via email, select Copy link at the top of the meeting page.

A screenshot including the Copy link button on MS Teams

TIP: place the date and start time details in the meeting name, as they will need to click the joining link on the day. 

  1. As the meeting organiser, you can Ctrl+click the Meeting Options link to change a couple of default settings if you wish and make changes or add people. 
    A screenshot highlighting the Meeting Options link on Teams

There are multiple settings in meeting options. Some of these include:

  • Who can bypass the lobby? - this controls who can access your meeting directly by clicking the link you have shared, and who needs to wait to be admitted.
  • Who can present? - this controls the meeting role that is assigned when people join your meeting. If you would like to restrict who can present, you can change this setting.
  • Meeting chat - this controls whether there is a chat for the meeting, and whether it is just for the duration of the meeting or always on.
  1. ​Click Save.

Please contact the Library for any further support - Library Support Contact Details


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