What is Microsoft Teams?

What is Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is a platform where users can work together on projects. There are plenty of functions to help share ideas, store files, create audio or video online team meetings and many more.

What are the key features of Microsoft Teams?

  • Teams 
    Collects together Teams you have been added to.
    Note: as a student you are unable to create a Team, you will need to speak to your tutor or supervisor  who will submit a request to create a Team on your behalf. 
  • Channels 
    Teams are made up of channels which are areas where specific topics or items are talked about to help keep relevant information in the same area. 
  • Conversations
    Team members can view and add comments in Channels. The @ function can also be used within the conversations to notify a specific member of the team. 
  • Team Meetings
    Create online meetings using Teams - How do I create a Team Meeting?

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

We have a created an FAQ for access to Teams either from MyBeckett or how to download the App.
How to access Microsoft Teams from MyBeckett or the App 

Microsoft Guides for using Teams

Microsoft have created video guides to help you get the most out of using Teams which you can access using the below link.
Microsoft Teams video training



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