How do I take an Online Blackboard Test / Exam?

TIP: Read the guide on things to do before your online test / exam so you are well prepared in advance.

Sign in to MyBeckett

  1. Log into MyBeckett with your University email and password:
  2. In the main menu click on Modules and locate the relevant module for the test / exam. Follow your lecturer's instructions to locate your test / exam. NOTE: These may not be visible until the start Date and Time.
  3. Follow any instructions to download any software required (for example you may be asked to install a lockdown browser called Respondus – see our FAQ for more information on Respondus).
  4. Click on the title of the test to begin, the picture below shows the Blackboard test icon:


  1. There may be instructions. Read any guidance on how long the test / exam will last, if there is a time limit and any other information from your lecturer.  When you are ready, click the 'Begin' button.

Example of the test instructions and start button


  1. If the test has a time limit, the information will be displayed in the instructions, a countdown timer will be visible throughout the test.
  2. Your online test / exam may consist of a variety of question types (e.g. multiple choice, short answer and longer essay style questions). They should automatically save.

Your answers save automatically and a green tick symbol shows that the answer for each question has been saved.


  1. Once you have worked through your answers, before clicking the final 'Submit' button - Remember *Do not click the back button* - check that you haven't missed any and you are happy with your answers.

Save and Submit


  1. Remember to stay calm if you experience any technical issues and please contact the Library and IT Advice Team and / or your lecturer for support.

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