What are 'Alternative Formats' in MyBeckett?

Anthology Ally is an accessibility tool in MyBeckett that you can use to convert files into alternative file formats. Prefer to listen to a Word document? Anthology Ally can make an audio version of a file. Want a file format that is easier to read on a phone? Anthology Ally can convert it for you.

As we do for all MyBeckett use, we recommend you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari internet browsers for the smoothest use of MyBeckett and Anthology Ally.

*(for more information about the Alternative Formats Service run by the Library, please see the Alternative Formats Service FAQ)*

How do you use Alternative Formats?

In your modules, next to compatible files and content, you should see this symbol:

Alternative formats symbol – A with down arrow next to it.



You can then select the format you want and click the ‘Download’ button at the bottom of the menu. Your alternative format should then download on to your device/PC as normal. (Note: some formats may not appear in this list all the time. Some files will be unable to generate an alternative format.)


Lecturers do have the ability to turn off this feature and it may not be available for every file. If this is the case for a file on a module, when you click on the 'Alternative formats' button you will see the following message:

The alternative formats for this file have been disabled


Please contact your lecturer if you see this pop up and think a piece of content should have alternative formats enabled. They should be able to enable it for you, or explain why it has been disabled.

For more in depth information about Anthology Ally's alternative formats, take a look at the Blackboard Anthology Ally Alternative Format page.

Accessible resources

The Library can also help you with accessing other resources you may use which are not on MyBeckett (e.g. eBooks) in an accessible format. For more information please see the Library website Accessible resources page.

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