How do I add my existing PebblePad page into my Workbook?

If you have been asked to collect and use an online Workbook in PebblePad, you may also need to create and add in your own pages to its structure. Your tutor will inform you if you need to do this.

Once you are certain you do need to add in your own page(s), follow the steps below to add one to your workbook:

  1. Log in to PebblePad and open your workbook from your Asset Store.
  2. Once open, navigate to the section within your workbook where you need to insert your page. You will then see the following screen:

Select a page from your asset store showing "Add a page" and "Add existing" buttons


  1. If you haven't created a page yet, you can do so by clicking on 'Add a Page'. If you have a page already in your Asset Store, you can click 'Add Existing' to choose your page from your Asset Store to insert.
  2. Once you have inserted your page, it will now sit within the workbook structure and you will be able to edit it from within your workbook. NOTE: Once added, you may need to hide the banner along the top of the screen to be able to see the 'edit' button for your page the next time you open it - Click the'x' in this banner to see the option to edit:

Banner displaying text: This assett has been shared for assessment



Actions for Page: replace, remove, edit

Alternatively you can edit any inserted pages on their own from within your Asset Store.

  1. Now you have added your own Page to the Workbook, see: How do I add content and personalise my Portfolio or Page in PebblePad? for guidance on how to insert content to it.

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