Why is this article on Discover linking to a 'book review'?

Some items in Discover look to be books or articles but are in fact book reviews (it might include book / book review in the article title). In Discover the title of the article is the same as the title of the book but this doesn’t correspond with the item on the e-resource platform. This means the article does not directly link and will often be inaccessible and if accessible of potentially of limited use.  (You should be able to access the book review article directly via the journal supplier).

Below is an example of a book review article the JSTOR platform.

This item is a review of the book Math Mastery. When you click on the View full text you see a list of 4 results and the book review of Math Mastery is the second item on the list. To find the item you would need to check the Year, Volume, Issue and page number match. In this example the item is 1990, Volume 38, Issue 1, Page 47.

If the 'book review' article looks of interest then the book may well be worth investigation, so please search Discover for the book selecting the 'Print and eBooks' tab.  Unfortunately there isn't a way to filter out 'book reviews' from Discover, so please ignore if not relevant.

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