How do I use the cite function in Discover?

You can access the cite function from your search results. 

Make sure you review and edit any citations you copy from Discover, to ensure they are in the correct Leeds Beckett Harvard style. Use the Leeds Beckett "Quote,Unquote" guide to do this.

  1. Click on Cite in the top right of the search result for the item you would like to cite.



  1. Click on the arrow in the Select a citation style drop down.



  1. Select Harvard (Cite Them Rite) 12th ed.



  1. Scroll down and click on Copy Citation then Close


  1. Copy and paste the citation into your document


  • You now need to review and edit the citation to make sure it is in the correct Leeds Beckett Harvard style
  • Use the Leeds Beckett "Quote,Unquote" guide to do this. It provides information on the Harvard referencing system and it available on the Referencing and Plagiarism pages on the Library website

Please note - unfortunately there is no option to easily bulk download results for export. For multiple references please see this FAQ: How do I export Discover results into EndNote (this remains a lengthy process, apologies we have raised this issue with our supplier).

Or you can save items individually and then export.

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