How do I save individual items in Discover?

There is also the option to save searches and view your search history, please see the student FAQ 'How do I view my search history and save results?'

How do I save items of interest and add them to lists?

  1. Before searching, we always recommend signing into Discover (often you will be prompted to do so - if you see your name top-right you are!).
  2. After searching, click on the 'Save' button (next to a star icon).
  3. Any such saved items will then appear as 'Saved items' in the My Account drop-down (and also 'Saved Items' top-right for pc/mac users only)
  4. After clicking 'Saved items' you will be able to view any recent additions and various options such as 'Create List' / 'Move' / 'Delete'
  5. New users must 'Create List' so any newly saved items will be added upon creation.
  6. Users with existing lists can select 'Move' whereby the items will be saved.
  7. Click 'Cite' to export the list to EndNote/Refworks/RIS.
  8. To subsequently access these lists click on your name (top-right) of screen > 'My personal lists'.  Or if you are in the initial search area of Discover, click 'My Account' > 'Saved lists'.

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