How do I overwrite a submission in Turnitin?

Some assignments allow you to overwrite your previous Turnitin submissions until the due date. This option is set by your lecturer on an assignment by assignment basis.

  • To check if you are able to resubmit, go back to your submission link and look for the upload arrow (Resubmit paper icon). This is to the right of your Similarity Report (see image below):


  • If resubmission is not enabled, your lecturer must manually delete your previous submission to allow you to submit a second file. You can check with your lecturer to see if they will delete your first submission if you have made an error.

Upload your resubmission by clicking on the upload submission button. 

Please read the following points:

  • Remember that only a single file can be uploaded into Turnitin and the previous submission will be overwritten with each new upload
  • The original (previous) submission cannot be retrieved! 
  • You will receive a new receipt for each resubmission which is downloadable
  • After clicking the upload button, a confirmation of resubmission message will appear - please read it!  The message serves to notify you that, if available, after the first three resubmissions made to an assignment you will encounter a 24-hour processing period for Similarity Report generation. Similarity Reports cannot be forced by your lecturer or Turnitin staff. Please wait for this 24-hour period to elapse before making an enquiry
  • You can use the 'Refresh' button within your Submissions Inbox area in Turnitin to refresh your submission to see if your Similarity Report comes through, although the system will do this periodically
  • Please see more on Similarity Reports 

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