How do I use the Inspera Exam Portal (IEP) for off campus exams?

If your course team have told you that you will be taking your Inspera exam off campus (e.g. at home), they will provide you with information about installing the Inspera Exam Portal (IEP). More information about this is available in our What is Inspera? FAQ.

This guide explains what to do after you have installed the software.

Before you start

Have you:

  • installed the Inspera Exam Portal (IEP) via the link provided by your course team?
  • got your student ID card ready for the ID check?
  • got the exam pin provided by your course team? (You will be provided with this on or before the day of your exam).

To use the Inspera Exam Portal (IEP)

  1. Open the Inspera Exam Portal.

  2. Read the information on the welcome page, then click Next to continue.

  3. Wait for the automatic system checks to be completed, then click Next to continue. This should only take a few moments. 

  4. If any of the steps fail, you will be presented with an error message to explain why. You can view a list of possible error messages and suggested solutions in our guide to Inspera error messages.
  5. On the Test Login page, click the Authenticate button. 

  6. It make take a few moments to load, then you can click the Leeds Beckett University Student Login button.

  7. Enter your University username and password.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Select the name of the exam you are taking.

  10. Enter the exam pin that your course team provided. Click Unlock and select, then click Next.

  11. Work through the steps to check your web cam, microphone, take a photo of yourself and another of your student ID card.

  12. Click Start Test.
  13. During the exam: 
  • a timer at the top left of the screen will indicate how much time you have remaining
  • a menu at the top right provides options such as changing the contrast and increasing the text size

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