How do I connect a Macbook or iOS device to RemoteApp?

To access the RemoteApp on a Mac or iOS advice, please follow the below steps:

  1. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App store on your device. Once it has downloaded make sure it is fully closed before continuing,
  2. Go to your internet browser and go to the Leeds Beckett University RemoteApp webpage.
  3. Sign in with your MyBeckett details, ensuring your username is in the format of leedsbeckett\ and then enter your c number.
  4. Select the remote application you want to open, and download the file.
  5. Go to your Downloads and open the file.
  6. The Microsoft Remote Desktop app should now take over, and try to open the file.
  7. You will need to enter your MyBeckett details again in the format leedsbeckett\ and then your c number.
  8. Verify your login on the MFA app or phone call.
  9. The remote session should now open on your device.

Please note that this will not work if your default verification method is text messages, please change your default verification by following the FAQ: How do I change my MFA default sign in method?

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