How do I print on my own paper?

Before starting, please make sure that the material you are going to print on is suitable for use with laser printers. Most paper and card up to 199gsm weight will be fine, but more specialist materials are often for use in inkjet printers only and could damage a laser printer. If you are unsure, please ask Library staff.

You can send documents to print from any PC in the University. Documents will print black and white, double-sided by default. For help changing these settings please see the following FAQs:

How Do I Print Single-Sided?

How Do I Print In Colour?

When you send something to print it goes into your personal queue. You then use your Campus Card on any printer (black and white or colour) to print the document.

Open Tray 1, which can be found down the right-hand side of the printer and put your paper/card into the tray.

If your paper/card is headed or can only be printed on one
  • On a black and white printer it will need to be placed face down with the text upside down.
  • On a colour printer it will need to be face up with the text right way up.

(But please test the copy settings before sending multiple copies to print)

On the printer screen, place a tick next to the individual job that you want on your own paper/card and touch Print. It should now take your paper from the side rather than from an internal tray. 
Please close the tray afterwards.

When finished, remember to select Sign Out in the top left corner.

Please note that it is not currently possible to print onto black card or paper. We recommend that you change the background colour to black, print onto white paper/card then glue onto black card if you wish. This will require trimming due to the printer leaving a border around the document.



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