How do I view comments, marks and feedback on my Assets in PebblePad?

Depending on how your course uses PebblePad, you may receive informal comments or formal feedback on your Assets. When this happens, PebblePad will send you an automated email notification.

To view comments or feedback:

  1. Log in to PebblePad and access your Asset Store.
  2. You will see a set of icons to the right of your Assets - these are indicators that relate to specific Asset activity.

If you have any comments on an Asset, the Comment Indicator will light up and display how many comments there are next to it:


If you have any marks or feedback on an Asset, the Feedback Indicator will light up and display how much feedback there is next to it:


  1. Click on the applicable icon (i) and a panel will appear to the right containing your comments/feedback:



You can switch between viewing comments and viewing feedback using the menu at the top of the panel. When you have finished viewing your comments/feedback, click the 'Close' button to collapse the side panel and return to your Asset Store.

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