How do I access my feedback in PebblePad?

After you submit an assignment to a PebblePad workspace, your Asset Store will show your assignment's progress.

1. Click the Asset Store and you will see next to each of your assets there are a row of icons indicating comments, feedback, whether the asset has been shared with people, shared with the web or shared for an assessment. There is also an information section to the right.

  • By default, all the icons are faded. When you share, submit or publish an asset the greyed out icon becomes more visible.

  • When your feedback is available, the icon for Feedback will become selectable with a number beside it, indicating a grade or piece of feedback:

2. Click on this icon, then when you see the right hand menu slide in, click on the 'Feedback' section to open your feedback:

Can't view your feedback?

1. Click the ATLAS icon at the top left (looks like a globe).

2. In the My submissions panel, click the arrow button.

3. If there's no green dot in either the Grades or Feedback Comments columns, speak to your tutor to find out if they have released the feedback.

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