How do I upload and share a video using YouTube?

This guide will show you how to upload a video to YouTube.

You can upload a video to your Student YouTube account using your mobile device or computer.

If you need to submit to a module assignment, see our guide How do I submit a video for assessment? 

Record / transfer your video

Here are some tips for recording videos.

Once you've recorded a video with a smartphone, tablet or video camera, you need to transfer it to a computer and upload it to YouTube. Instructions are provided below:

  • Apple devices - guide to transferring videos.
  • Android and Windows Mobile devices: Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable and copy the files across.
  • Android and Mac devices: Download the Andriod Transfer app, connect to your computer with a USB cable, and copy the files.
  • Digital video camera: Connect your camera to your computer with a USB cable and copy the files across.

Upload your video

  1. Preload your video onto your computer or mobile device.
  2. Via Google Chrome go to YouTube and sign in using your student email and password (this is the same as on all University log-in systems). 
  3. Click Create a video or Post icon, then click Upload Video (top right).
  4. Click Select Files to Upload or drag and drop your video to that area. 
  5. Upload time is dependent on file size and large files of 15 mins or longer can take longer to upload. While the video uploads, you can edit the Title and Description
  6. Follow the walk-through steps and when at the section for who can view the video, always select Unlisted from the drop-down menu.  This is so only the people with a link can view it.
  7. When you're finished, click Done. You'll see the video and can choose to Edit and Share from the toolbar.
  8. To share your video's URL, either:
  • use the Share button


  • click the video to open and play, copy the URL from your browser and share the video by pasting the URL.

For Video Assignments - Refer to this guide: How do I submit a video for assessment?

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