Getting an error message when trying to login to MyBeckett?

What to do if you are unable to log in to MyBeckett try the following steps.

 If you need help with these steps, please contact the Library and Student IT Advice team available 24/7

  1. Use Google Chrome and then try another browser: Edge/Safari/Firefox etc. (NB: but not Internet Explorer – IE is not supported).
  2. Try incognito/Private Browsing (Web browser - 3 dots top right).
  3. Reset your password, you can do this by contacting the Library or self-service via Multi-Factor Authentication (You need to register with MFA to login to MyBeckett) 
  4. If the error continues, clear your internet cookies/cache. (Keyboard shortcut for clear cache menu in chrome: ctrl + Shift + delete)

How to Clear Browsing Data cache and cookies using a computer (and keep your stored passwords - For other Android , iPhone & iPad devices refer to these Google help pages.)

  1. On your computer, open Chrome
  2. At the top right, click three dots and then Settings
  3. Go to "Privacy and security"
  4. Click "Clear Browsing Data"
  5. Untick Passwords as you will want to keep them
  6. Ensure to choose the 'time range' to All Time (refer to the images below): 

Chrome browser example of Privacy and Security option to clear cache and cookies.


Clear browsing data in Chrome browser - change the  'Time range' to All Time


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