Why have I got a duplicate "(Recovered)" asset in PebblePad?

PebblePad only allows an Asset to be open by one user at one time. With this in mind, if an Asset is open in more than one tab, internet browser or device at the same time as another, work will become at risk of being lost and will be automatically 'recovered' by the system. The most common causes of this are:

  1. The Asset was open in two separate places at once (multiple tabs and windows)
  2. The Asset was being worked on by a mentor/practice teacher/other external person at the same time as you (only applicable to certain courses who use PebblePad in this way). 

(IMPORTANT: If you are a student who works with a Mentor/Practice Assessor or Supervisor, you will need to log out of your PebblePad account before they log in to theirs, and vice versa. This will prevent any work from becoming recovered.)

Hopefully you will have been alerted to any recovered Assets when trying to save your Asset:



The result of this means you will now see two versions of your Asset in your Asset Store:

If you are a student who has a mentor/external person who has access to your work and you were working with a mentor when this happened, you will need to make sure they are accessing and saving the version of your work that you submitted. If you don't have a mentor on your course you will still need to figure this out in order to know which version you should be working in. To check which Asset is the one you have submitted, see this FAQ.

Once you know which version is the submitted version, you must copy any changes that only feature in the duplicated asset (the one that hasn't been submitted), to the submitted version. Once you have copied all of your changes from the recovered asset into the original asset it is a good idea to delete the recovered asset.

If you haven't submitted your work of shared with anyone it is ok to use either version, just ensure you know which version you are working on, by perhaps re-naming the assets.

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