Why have I got a duplicate "(Recovered)" Asset in my PebblePad Asset Store?

NOTE: If you are a Nursing student, please see the Nursing Student Recoveries section at the bottom of this page.

PebblePad only allows one user to edit one Asset at a time. If one Asset is open in more than one place (two browser windows, tabs, or devices for example), the work contained in the Asset will become at risk of being lost, as when one version is saved it will contain changes that are not present in the other. This causes PebblePad to automatically 'recover' the other version.

When a recovery is detected by PebblePad, you will receive the following alert:

Screenshot of alert reading: “Recovered work. Ah! It appears changes to the asset have been made elsewhere. An assessor could have verified the asset or it was locked on submission. A recovered asset containing the unsaved changes has been created and can be found in your Asset store.” Your recovered items can be identified by the ‘(Recovered)’ prefix.


The result of this means you will now see two versions of your Asset in your Asset Store:

Screenshot showing a recovered asset underneath the original


If you are working on a Portfolio, Page, Blog or template from the Resource Store, you can resolve this by accessing the 'recovered' version and copying any differences back to the original.

If you submitted your Asset for an assignment, make sure that the version you are copying content to is the version you have submitted - to check which Asset is the one you have submitted, see this FAQ: How can I check if I have submitted my Asset for assessment in PebblePad?.

After you have resolved everything you can then delete the recovered asset.

Nursing Student Recoveries

If you are a Nursing student working in your ePAD or MYEPAD workbook, this has likely happened due to you and your Practice Assessor having your Workbook open at the same time - to resolve this, you will need to make sure they are accessing and saving the version of your workbook that is shared with your tutors for assessment. 

To check which Asset this is, see this FAQ: How can I check if I have submitted my Asset for assessment in PebblePad?.

Once you know which version is the submitted version, you must copy any changes that only feature in the duplicated 'recovered' asset (the one that hasn't been submitted), to the submitted version.

Once you have copied all of your changes from the recovered asset into the original asset it is a good idea to delete the recovered asset. If there are too many changes to copy over, please contact your tutor for further advice on what to do next.


To ensure this does not happen again, be sure to log out of your PebblePad account by clicking the logout button in the top right corner of PebblePad before your Practice Assessor logs in to their account, and vice versa.

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