How can I check if I have submitted my Asset for assessment in PebblePad?

To check you have successfully submitted your Asset for an assessment in PebblePad:

  1. Access your Asset Store and locate the Asset you want to check you have submitted.
  2. To the right, you will see small icons which indicate activity on your Assets. If your Asset has been successfully shared for an assessment, you will see the words 'Shared with 1 workspace' next the the assessment share icon (the clipboard icon):


If you do not have a number next to your clipboard icon and you need to submit for an assessment, see our FAQ: How do I submit my assignment in PebblePad? for guidance.

  1. Click on this icon. A panel will appear to the right which will display the Asset information. Scroll down in the panel to the section titled 'Worspaces shared to' to check the status of the submission:


  1. Check that the Status is 'Accepted' - if it is then this confirms that your assignment has definitely been submitted! If it does not say 'Accepted' and you are sure it should, please contact your tutor.

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