What is the Resource Store in PebblePad?


The Resource Store is an area within your PebblePad account where you can access and use templates to create your own Assets from. Think of the Resource Store like a table at the front of a classroom, with blank forms and workbooks on, for you to collect and use - except that it is a digital table within your PebblePad account!

You may be asked to access the Resource Store in order to collect a workbook or other template to work on. You can access it from your PebblePad home screen by clicking on 'Resources' underneath your name:



You can also access it using the main menu in the top left corner of PebblePad:

 Screenshot of the PebblePad main menu showing the Resource Store link



Elements of the Resource Store

Becoming familiar with the Resource Store is vital in order to get the most out of PebblePad - see below for a breakdown of elements:


  1. Resource - Clicking on a Resource's name will open it. From there you can save a copy to your Asset Store.

  2. Resource Filters - Use these toggles to filter the Resource Store by type. You may have other Resources available to you depending on your course.

How it works

You may have been asked to collect a workbook/worksheet template from the Resource Store, or use one of the built-in templates that PebblePad comes with, for example a Structured ReflectionSMART Action Plan, or Journal Entry. When you open a template, PebblePad will open a blank copy of it ready to be saved to your Asset Store. Once saved, the template becomes one of your Assets and can be accessed from the Asset Store.

If you want to pick up a new copy of a template, for example if you need to create a new Journal Entry or Reflection, you can do so by going back to the Resource Store and clicking on the template again.

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