How do I unlock my account using MFA?

To unlock your account in the future, you will need to set up the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone.

If you do not know your password, you can reset it using authentication.

Once you have completed the set up, you will be able to unlock your account:

  1. Go to the Office website: 
  2. Click the 'Forget this account' link to the left of the screen (if showing) and then the 'Sign in' button.
  3. A Sign in page will open. Underneath the Sign in box are 3 links. Click 'Can't access your account?'.
  4. Now click 'Work or school account'.
  5. A new page will open. In the User ID box, type your student email address (for example
  6. On the next screen select the 'I know my password but still can't sign in' option and click 'Next'.
  7. You will now have several options to choose from for how to verify that it is you who is unlocking your account.
  8. Follow the instructions on screen. Make sure you have your smartphone with the authenticator app near you, as you will need it for this process.
  9. Once you have verified it is you, you will be able to log in to MyBeckett.
  10. Please note: you may need to wait a few minutes after unlocking your account before you can log in. If the page freezes please refresh and try again.
  11. If, after unlocking your account, MyBeckett still does not recognise your password, you will need to follow the forgotten password steps.

If you are unable to authenticate your account to unlock it, please contact the Library for support.

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