How do I use the 'Embed Block' in PebblePad?

When you are editing a Portfolio or Page in PebblePad, you can choose to add an Embed Block. An Embed Block allows you to embed third-party tools such as YouTube or Vimeo to your page, so that these pieces of content sit on the page like an Image or Video from your Asset Store would when using the Image or Video Block. For a full list of supported third-party tools you can use with PebblePad, please see the PebblePad Supported Embed Services guide.

To add an Embed Block to your page:

  1. Open your Portfolio or Page from your Asset Store and click on 'Add content' at the top of your page, then click on 'Embed':

Embed block option in the add content menu


  1. This will place an Embed Block on your Page:


  1. Next, go to the third-party tool you wish to embed and obtain a shareable link which allows you to view your chosen content - this will differ from tool to tool. In this example we will use YouTube.

To embed a YouTube video, go to YouTube and copy the web address from the address bar, and paste it into the embed block in PebblePad:

Screenshot showing a web browsers address bar with a youtube URL



 an embed block with a URL typed into the box


  1. Click 'OK' to embed your content onto your PebblePad page. If you want to change your link, click on 'Replace embedded link':

 An embed block with a youtube video embedded


  1. For some pieces of content you embed, you may need to go into preview mode to view it - you can access preview mode by clicking on 'Preview' in the top left:

 preview button


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