Why isn't eduroam connecting now that I am back on campus?

Normally when you’re on campus eduroam, our university Wi-Fi service, updates easily on your mobile phones and tablets. However because it’s been so long since many of you were on campus, the eduroam login details on your devices are now very out of date.

This causes eduroam to try to login your device when you arrive back on campus and when the incorrect details are rejected it tries over and over to connect automatically. This triggers your account to be locked as a security precaution.

What can I do about this?

  1. If you can please remove eduroam Wi-Fi before you come back onto campus and then reconnect once you arrive. (This only works for Android devices – see further information below).
  2. If you have fully set up Multi-Factor Authentication you can unlock your account before coming onto campus by visiting this website: aka.ms/sspr. You will be prompted for authentication details to prove your identity first. Contact the Library and Student advice team on 0113 812 1000 if you have any problems.
  3. If you do come onto campus and your account is locked please ask Library and Student IT Advice staff to unlock it for you.

How to forget and reconnect to eduroam on mobile devices:

Android Users:

To forget eduroam before you arrive on campus:

  1. Open the settings app
  2. Go to 'Network' or 'Internet' or 'Network and internet' depending on model
  3. Select 'Wi-Fi'
  4. Select on the settings cog next to the 'eduroam' connection within Wi-Fi settings
  5. Select 'Forget'

To reconnect to the eduroam network once you’re on campus, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > eduroam

  1. When prompted for credentials enter your University username plus @leedsbeckett.ac.uk.(e.g.c123456@leedsbeckett.ac.uk)
  2. Under the Phase 2 authentication menu, please ensure you have selected ‘MS-CHAPv2’.
  3. Enter your normal University password and select ‘Connect’.
  4. Please accept the certificate as prompted.

iPhone & iPad Users:

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to forget a Wi-Fi connection on an iPhone or iPad when you are not in the active area of that network. You must be on campus to forget the network when it shows up on your device. This may mean your account will lock before you have a chance to forget and reconnect to eduroam.

To forget eduroam when you arrive on campus:

  1. When on campus go to ‘Settings’
  2. Then ‘Wi-Fi’
  3. Next to ‘eduroam’ tap the ‘i’ circle and then ‘Forget this network’

To reconnect to eduroam

  1. Select ‘eduroam’ from “Other Networks”
  2. When prompted for credentials enter your University username plus @leedsbeckett.ac.uk.(eg c123456@leedsbeckett.ac.uk)
  3. Enter your normal University password and select ‘Join’.
  4. Please click ‘Trust’ to accept the certificate.

If you can’t “Join” please ask a member of the Library team to unlock your account.

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