How do I view my search history and save results?

Please see below for instructions on how to view your search history. There is also the option to save individual items, rather than searches. please see the student FAQ 'How do I save individual items in Discover'

How do I view my search history?

1. Before searching, we recommend signing into Discover so your search history will be automatically saved. All search history is stored temporarily per session, so a subsequent sign in also will save your existing session searches!

2. To view your history click 'Search history' in the top right of the Discover search screen.

3. Your last 100 hundred searches can be accessed and also shared or deleted.  For easy reference or if you are likely to exceed 100 searches, you can also 'Save search' by expanding 'Actions' next to any search and selecting 'Save search'.  However the best method for saving searches is below, as this way will also save any applied filters.

How do I save results?

1. To permanently save your basic and advanced searches in Discover you need to be signed in.

2. Search with your desired search terms (if you have applied subsequent filters such as Format or 'Full text' you must select 'Retain Filters' top-left of screen, before saving).

3. To save your search click 'Save Search' top-right of screen.  If on a mobile on the purple heart icon.

4. To access your these searches, expand 'My Account' and select 'Saved searches'.

5. Your searches will remain accessible but can be deleted, re-run or shared.

Alternatively, you can save searches via 'search history' as above (but this does not save any filtering, just the search terms).



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