Does the Library have height adjustable desks?

Height adjustable desks are available throughout the Libraries.  These are to assist users with mobility difficulties.

  • Electric desks have buttons under the front edge of the desk to control the height.
  • Manual desk are operated using a crank handle on the front of the desk.  If you need assistance please ask Library staff.

There are also two short videos demonstrating how to adjust the height of electric and crank handle desks.

  Headingley Library Sheila Silver Library, City Campus
Ground floor

​JG G19c Disability Resource Area (electric)

First floor

JG123 Teaching Room (electric)

JG150 Book room (electric)

Group Study Area (electric)

LBS 107 IT Lab (manual)

LSB 109 IT Lab (manual)

Second floor

JG219 IT Lab (manual)

JG221 IT Lab (manual)

JG225b IT Lab (manual)

JG226 IT Lab (electric)

JG229 IT Lab (manual)

JG231 IT Lab (manual)

JG250 IT Lab (electric)

Group Study Area (manual and electric)

LS202 IT Lab (manual)

LS203 IT Lab (manual)

LS204 Postgraduate Research Room (manual)

LS205 Silent Study Area (manual)

LS 206 IT Lab (manual)


Third floor N/A

LS315 Disability Resource Area (electric)

Group Study Area (manual)

LS312 IT Lab (manual)

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