How do I access my Workbook, Template or other Resource in PebblePad?

Depending on how your course uses PebblePad, you may be required to pick up and use custom templates from the Resource Store such as a Workbook or Worksheet in order to complete your work. When you 'pick up' and use templates from your Resource Store, they will save to your Asset Store and become one of your Assets. They may also automatically submit themselves to an area where your tutor can view your work.

An Asset such as a Workbook or Worksheet acts as a 'container' for all of your work to go into, so think of this like creating a new Microsoft Word document - this is the container for your work to go into, and you can insert text, images and more within that Word Document to create your work. PebblePad works exactly the same, only your work is all based online on the PebblePad platform!

Your course team or tutor should provide you with an assignment brief or guidance on how you are expected to use PebblePad, which will make things clearer for you. Once you know what type of Resource you need to collect, follow the steps below to do so.


To collect a Workbook, Worksheet or other Template from the Resource Store:

  1. Log in to PebblePad and access the Resource Store. You can access it from your PebblePad home screen by clicking on 'Resources' underneath your name:

 A screenshot of a panel on the PebblePad dashboard which shows the name of a student, along with links to view assets and resources


Either search for them by typing into the keyword search bar 'Workbooks' or click on the button across the top of the screen. This will list all workbooks available for you to pick up.  Click on one to activate it, then it will show in your Assets.


You can also access it using the main menu in the top left corner of PebblePad:

 The main menu of PebblePad showing links to the Asset Store and Resource Store


  1. By default, PebblePad will show you all the Resource templates you are able to use. If your course has provided you with a template, your tutor will inform you which is the correct one to use for your Assignment (i.e. a Workbook), so make sure you consult them if you are unsure. You will also see built-in templates that you can use, such as a Structured ReflectionSMART Action Plan, or Journal Entry.


Workbooks and Worksheets

If you are required to pick up a Workbook or Worksheet, you will see it listed:

 The visual differences between a workbook and a worksheet in PebblePad. A workbook has an orange coloured logo with the letters 'Wb' and a worksheet has a burgundy logo with letters 'Ws'.


Most Workbooks/Worksheets will have labels underneath them:

  • 'Single Use' means that you will only need to use the template once, just like if it were a physical workbook/worksheet - you wouldn't need more than one copy to complete your work!
  • 'Auto-Submit' means that the workbook/worksheet will automatically submit to an assignment area where you tutor can access it. This happens when you save it for the first time.


Other Templates

If you have been told to use the built-in PebblePad templates, you will see these listed as well:

 An example of other templates you can use in PebblePad, such as What? So what? Now what? and a Structured Reflection



  1. To use a template, click on its name to open it. 

If you clicked on a Workbook/Worksheet, you will likely receive a message informing you that the resource has been set to 'auto-share' - this refers to the automatic submission mentioned above. Tick the box to agree to the terms of usage and click on 'Continue' to dismiss this message. 

 Screenshot showing the. auto-share message that must be ticked and accepted to open most workbooks


If you used one of PebblePad's built-in Templates, the template will open and you will need to give it a title in either the 'Title' or 'Save record as ...' box at the top:

The title field which sometimes appears on worksheets or templates.


The save as field which sometimes appears on worksheets or templates.



  1. Next, click on 'Save' in the top left corner:

screenshot of the PebblePad save button


This will save the template to your Asset Store and it will now become one of your Assets. Once you have saved a template, you can continue working on it from your Asset Store

If you want to pick up a new copy of a template, for example if you need to create a new Journal Entry or Structured Reflection, you can do so by going back to the Resource Store and clicking on the template again.

As Workbooks and Worksheets are 'single use', you only need to collect them once.

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