How do I access my workbooks, templates and other resources in PebblePad?

Directed by your Course Team, you may have to collect workbooks or other template resources that help you complete your PebblePad work in a structured way. Once you have saved a template, you can continue working on it from your Assets Store. PebblePad comes with a range of Resources freely available for you to use - and here's how you get them:

Collect via the Resource Store

1. Log in to PebblePad and access your Resource Store using the menu in the top left corner:

You can also get to this area by clicking on 'Resources' under the 'Store' selector:

2.  You will see a list of Resources for you to use. Your tutor should tell you which Resource is the correct one to use for your Assignment (i.e. a Workbook), so make sure you consult them if you are unsure. This is also the place you will see PebblePad's own templates.


The Workspace you will submitting to, along with details on usage and submission may also be displayed next to the Workbook for your information. Click on the Workbook name to use it.

Next, you may get a message informing you that the Workbook has been set to auto-submit. This basically means that it will submit the Workbook to the Workspace your tutor will see before you start adding to it, which makes life easier for you as you will not need to submit again, you can just concentrate on working on your assignment and it will update in the Workspace as you save it!

Other Resources

You can freely use the PebblePad templates in the Resource Centre. Just click on one to open it, type in a title underneath the 'Save record as ...' then you will be able to save it to your Asset Store.

3. Finally, always remember to save after opening or working in your Assets!

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