What help is available if I am struggling to access the reading I need?

If you need to access books online, you may find the Library’s ever increasing collection of eBooks useful. See the Accessibility help link for each eBook supplier on the eBook Collections page for advice on how to make eBooks more accessible. Find the name of the eBook collection on the list and click on the Accessibility Help link. The name of the collection the eBook is from should be displayed at the top of the page when you first access the eBook.

If you are accessing digitised chapters from your reading lists this FAQ may be useful What accessibility features are available for digitised chapters using Kortext?

The Library provides a range of assistive software which can aid your reading, such as reading books aloud. See the Software page, Study Skills Software section. Read & Write software can be used to scan printed material so that it can be read aloud.

You can also use SensusAccess or Ally File Transformer to convert files into more accessible formats. Or use Anthology Ally to convert files within your modules on MyBeckett into alternative formats.

If you need any help, contact the Library Disability Support Team.
The Disability Advice Team can refer eligible students to the Library's Alternative Formats Service where additional support is required. 

Please note that your course team is responsible for ensuring the accessibility of course documents such as your module handbook.

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