How do I submit to a workspace in PebblePad?

To submit an Asset to a PebblePad Workspace (normally for assessment):

1. Log in to PebblePad and access your Asset Store using the menu in the top left corner:

You can also get to this area by clicking on 'Assets' under the 'Store' selector:

2. Open the asset you want to submit to a workspace. Then click the I want to... button in the top right, and choose Share.

3. On the next screen, click For assessment, and then the system will show you Workspaces which you are attached to (there may only be one).

4. Click on the Workspace you want to submit your Asset to, then the system will display Assignments within that workspace. Click on an assignment to select it.

5. You will need to tick the box to indicate you agree to PebblePad's terms of usage before you can submit. Click on the box next to To share for assessment I agree to the terms of usage. Finally, click on the Share for assessment button to submit your work.

6. You will then get quick message telling you the share was successful, which means you're all done!

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