How do I submit my assignment in PebblePad?

Depending on how you are using PebblePad, you may be required to submit your work to a 'Workspace', which is an area in PebblePad your tutor can access student work. Unless your work has been shared to a workspace, it will remain private and only you will have access to it.

If you are using a Workbook or Worksheet template provided by your course team or tutor, this may already have been automatically submitted when you initially picked it up from the Resource Store. You can check if your workbook has already been submitted by following our How can I check if I have submitted my Asset for assessment in PebblePad? guide. If it has been, then you do not need to do anything further!

If you are working on a Portfolio, Page, Blog or other type of Asset, you may need to submit this yourself by following the steps below.

To submit an Asset to a PebblePad Workspace:

  1. Log in to PebblePad and access your Asset Store, either by clicking on 'Assets' underneath your name from the home screen:

 A screenshot of a panel on the PebblePad dashboard which shows the name of a student, along with links to view assets and resources


Or by using the main menu in the top left corner:

 Screenshot of the PebblePad main menu showing the Asset Store link



  1. Open the Asset you wish to submit to a Workspace. In the top right, click the 'I want to...' button and choose 'Share'.


  1. In the next box that appears, click on 'with ATLAS':

Screenshot showing the share options in PebblePad: With people, with the web, or with ATLAS,  choose ‘With ATLAS’ to share for assessment.


  1. You will now be prompted to select a 'Workspace' to submit to - click on the Workspace that applies to your assignment or course. If you are unsure which one to pick, please consult your tutor. 

 Screenshot showing an example of a workspace listed that a student could submit to. Shows the 'can I share?' option which indicates whether a student can submit or not.


You may also see that there are multiple 'Assignments' listed for the Workspace. Click on the appropriate Assignment to select it - if you are unsure which one to pick, please consult your tutor.

 Screenshot showing assignments available to submit to on a workspace when sharing with ATLAS


  1. PebblePad will now list the details of your submission before you actually submit. Please check that the workspace and assignment you are submitting to are correct. You will now need to tick the 'I agree to the terms of usage' box to confirm you agree to PebblePad's terms of usage before submitting:

  Screenshot showing the detials of the selected workspace and assignment before a student will click 'share asset' to share. Also shows the terms and conditions box which must be ticked in order to share.


Once you are happy to submit your Asset, click on 'Share Asset'. You will then get a confirmation message informing you that the share was successful, which means you are all done and your Asset has been submitted!

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