ePAD - how do I use PebblePocket to record evidence of hours inc. a digital signature?

1. Log in to the PebblePocket app on your mobile device.

2. Tap West Yorkshire & the Humber ePAD.

3. Tap Evidence of hours.

4. Complete the form fields for the hours you want to record.

5. If you are working with a mentor or someone overseeing your activity/shift, they can tap the Sign This button and digitally sign your form.

6. They need to click Save and Lock to return to the form, so that you can then save it. Please note, this will lock the form so that you can't change any of the other fields.


7. Scroll down and tap the Save to device button.


8. Tap My Assets.

You will then see a list of assets saved on PebblePocket. 

9. You can tap Send All, then Send to send them all to PebblePad, so that you can access them via your browser. If you want to send individual assets, tap to open them and then tap Send at the top right. A success message will confirm when this process is complete.

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