How do I attach evidence to my Workbook in PebblePad?

When working within a Workbook or Worksheet in PebblePad, you may be required to insert and attach other Assets from your Asset Store to a page, in order to provide evidence. This is done using 'Evidence' sections, which can be identified on a page by looking for the 'Add...' button:

 An example screenshot of an evidence section in a workbook


This guide will show you how to use this functionality within a Workbook to attach Assets. For help creating a link within a Text Area, please see here.

To attach Assets to an evidence section in your Workbook/Worksheet:

  1. Open your Workbook/Worksheet Asset from the Asset Store.
  2. Scroll to a section for which you are required to attach Assets. Remember to look for the 'Add...' button (see above).
  3. Click 'Add...' and you will see two options; 'Add evidence' and 'Add comment'. Click on 'Add evidence':

  1. A panel will appear to the right of the screen, showing two types of evidence that can be attached; an Asset or text only. To attach an Asset(s) from your Asset Store, click on 'Add an Asset':

 the '+ Add an asset' button


  1. Your Asset Store will appear in the panel on the right, displaying your most recent Assets. Select the Assets you wish to attach by clicking on them, or you can upload new Assets from your device by clicking 'Upload new' (see here for guidance on uploading Assets). To find older Assets, use the keyword search box at the top.

 the right side panel that appears when a user clicks the add an asset button, showing all assets saved in the users asset store


A small green tick will appear in the top left corner of your chosen Assets, indicating they have been selected. Now click on the 'Done' button at the bottom of the screen:

 the bar that appears along the bottom of the screen when selecting assets to attach. the bar has labels for how many assets have been selected, with a select all button and a done confirmation button


  1. You will now be asked to provide some optional justification text for your evidence. You can skip this step if you are not required to enter anything, but if you have been asked to provide a justification you can leave one for either all pieces of evidence, or have separate justifications for each piece of evidence. Use the buttons to make your choice, and enter any justification text in the box(s) provided:

 a screenshot of an evidence section with evidence attached


If you need to change your evidence, you can go back a step by clicking on 'Change evidence' at the bottom of the screen:

When you are finished attaching evidence and writing any justification text, click 'Save' in the bottom right corner to save your evidence:


  1. Your evidence has now been successfully attached to your workbook/worksheet. You will now see a new button with a page icon and a number appear next to the 'Add...' button, indicating that there is evidence attached and the total number of Assets:

When you click on this button, a panel will appear to the right showing the Assets that are currently attached as evidence and any justification text you have entered for each (if applicable):

To remove an Asset, click on the three dots to the right of an Asset name and choose 'Remove evidence':


8. Once you have finished attaching Assets to the evidence section, you can mark it as complete by clicking on the box next to 'This evidence is complete':

This will make the evidence button on your workbook/sheet page display a tick, indicating that the section is now fully evidenced. NOTE: This does not prevent you from making further changes to the evidence section - it is just an indicator for tracking progress:

Remember to always save your work after adding evidence - the save button can be found in the top left corner of the screen.

 save button


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