Nursing (Undergraduate) - How do I complete MYEPAD placement forms using PebblePocket?

If you are an undergraduate Nursing student you will be using either the 'ePAD' or the 'MYEPAD' workbook to record your placement documentation. In addition to this, you can use PebblePocket to access various forms for use on placement. If you are using ePAD, please see here for information regarding forms available to you.

For students using MYEPAD, you will have access to the following forms on PebblePocket:

  • 'Timesheet' form
  • Working with others' form
  • 'Record of communication/additional feedback' form
  • 'Peer feedback' form
  • 'Patient/Service user feedback 1' form
  • 'Patient/Service user feedback 2' form
  • 'Patient/Service user feedback 3' form
  • 'Patient/Service user feedback 4' form


These forms allow you to record information via your mobile device and allow staff who do not have full access to your workbook to add their details and sign the forms using a signature pad on your device's screen (similar to signing for a delivery).

To create one of the above forms using PebblePocket:

  1. Open PebblePocket on your phone and tap on 'Midlands, Yorkshire, North East + East Practice Learning Group'. If you do not see this section listed, you will need to log in first – see our How do I download and log in to PebblePocket? FAQ.



  1. Tap on a form to open a blank copy.
  2. Complete the form fields. For 'save as...' you will need to give your form an appropriate title, which will be the Asset name in your PebblePad Asset Store. Make sure you give it a descriptive title (e.g. for a timesheet form - 'Evidence of hours worked - DATE'):



  1. If you are working with a Practice Assessor or someone overseeing your activity/shift, tap the 'Add signature' button to enable them to digitally sign your form. NOTE: If you see a 'Have you finished adding content?' warning, tap on 'continue to sign', as you have already written the hours on the page and don't need to write them again here.



After signing, they will need to tap on 'Save & Lock', and then 'Lock' to return to the form, so that you can save it. Please note, this will lock the form so that you can't change any of the other fields:



  1. To save the finished form, tap 'Save to device' and you will receive confirmation that the form has been saved to your phone:




  1. The final step is to upload the completed form to your Asset Store in PebblePad, so that it may be added to your hours page in your workbook. Tap on 'My Assets' at the bottom of the screen and you will see any assets saved on PebblePocket.
  2. Tap 'Send all' in the top right corner and then 'Send' again to upload your Assets to your Asset Store:



  1. A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete:

 the success confirmation message when an asset is sent to a users asset store



9) Check your Asset Store on PebblePad and your Asset will be listed. You may now need to attach it as evidence to your MYEPAD workbook - see our How do I attach evidence to my Workbook in PebblePad? FAQ for guidance.


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