How do I upload media to my Asset Store using PebblePocket?

PebblePocket allows you to upload media such as photos and videos from your phone to your PebblePad Asset Store. Once uploaded, these Assets can be added to a Portfolio, Page, Blog or Workbook. For help downloading the app see: How do I download and log in to PebblePocket?

You can also create other Assets using PebblePocket, such as a Post, Reflection or Experience (How do I create a Post, Reflection or Experience Asset using PebblePocket?).

If you are an Undergraduate Nursing student you will also see additional Asset types you can create while on placement (How do I record evidence of hours / an offline assessment incl. a digital signature using PebblePocket?).

Follow the steps below to upload media from your phone to your Asset Store:

  1. Open PebblePocket on your phone and tap on either 'Add a Photo' or 'Add a Video', then on either 'Take a photo/record a video' or 'Choose an existing photo/video':

PebblePocket home screen showing options for creating Assets



If you chose 'Take a photo/video', this will open your camera and the photo/video you take will be what you upload. If you chose 'Choose an existing photo/video', you will be taken to your image storage area (on your mobile device or phone this is normally the camera roll or gallery view to locate your media (photo/video).

  1. Once you have selected your photo/video to upload, you will need to give it a Title and optional description. An Asset's title is what it will be called in your PebblePad Asset Store, so give it a descriptive name!

PebblePocket photo upload screen showing options for creating a new Asset



  1. You can add Tags to your Asset by tapping 'Add tags' at the bottom.
  2. You will then get the option to either 'Save to device', or to 'Send'. If you tap 'Send' in the top right corner, your Asset will be uploaded to your Asset Store immediately - if you are connected to the internet. If you are not, it will queue the Asset to be uploaded later. If this happens, simply open PebblePocket when you are connected to the internet later and you will be able to resume the upload from the 'My Assets' menu in PebblePocket. 
  3. Your Asset will now be uploaded to PebblePad and you should receive a confirmation message:

"[The name of your image] has been sent. '[The name of your image]' has successfully been sent. Large assets may still take time to appear in your Pebble+ store."

  1. Check your Asset Store on PebblePad and your Asset will be listed. If it is not, please wait a while and check later, as large files may take longer to upload:

PebblePad Asset Store showing uploaded Asset from PebblePocket


  1. If you didn't add Tags to your Asset when you uploaded it, you can do this afterwards in your Asset Store - see How do I add Tags to my PebblePad Assets? for guidance.

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