How do I create a Post, Reflection or Experience Asset using PebblePocket?

PebblePocket allows you to create Assets such as a Post, Reflection or Experience to include in your work on PebblePad.

If you are an Undergraduate Nursing student you will also see additional Asset types you can create while on placement (How do I record evidence of hours / an offline assessment incl. a digital signature using PebblePocket?).

You can also use PebblePocket to upload media such as photos and videos from your phone to your PebblePad Asset Store. Once uploaded, these Assets can be added to a Portfolio, Page, Blog or Workbook. For further help with this see: How do I upload media to my Asset Store using PebblePocket? For help downloading and logging in to PebblePocket, see: How do I download and log in to PebblePocket?

Follow the steps below to create a Post, Reflection or Experience Asset using PebblePocket:

  1. Open PebblePocket on your phone and tap on either 'Create a post', 'Create a reflection', or 'Record an experience'. Depending on your choice you may see further templates to choose from - pick the Asset template most applicable to what you wish to create! Use a 'Post' if you are unsure.

PebblePocket home screen containing links to create Assets


  1. A blank Asset template will open for you to edit - enter information on the page by tapping the relevant section(s) to edit. An Asset's title is what it will be called in your PebblePad Asset Store, so give it a descriptive name! You can also add Tags to your Asset using the 'Add Tags' menu at the bottom.


  1. If you have been directed to do so by your course team or tutor, you can associate hours with your Asset to be included in an Activity Log elsewhere in PebblePad. To do this, tap 'Add hours' at the bottom. Skip this step if you have not been asked to add hours, or if you usually add hours in a different way.
  2. Once you are finished editing your Asset, tap on 'Send' in the top right corner to send the Asset to your Asset Store, then tap send again when prompted to confirm.
  3. If you are connected to the internet your Asset will be added straight away to your Asset Store - if not, it will queue the Asset to be added later. If this happens, simply open PebblePocket when you are connected to the internet later and you will be able to resume from the 'My Assets' menu in PebblePocket.
  4. You will now receive a confirmation message that your Asset has been sent:
"Your form has been sent. [Title of your Post, Reflection or Experience] has been successfully sent. Large assets may still take time to appear in your Pebble+ asset store."

You will also receive an email to say your asset has been sent.

  1. Check your Asset Store on PebblePad and your Asset will be listed. If it is not, please wait a while and check later, as large Assets may take longer to appear:


  1. If you didn't add Tags to your Asset when you created it, you can do this afterwards in your Asset Store - see: How do I add Tags to my PebblePad Assets? for guidance on how.

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