How do I create a new Asset in PebblePad?

An Asset is anything you upload or create in PebblePad - you can either upload a file as a new Asset or use PebblePad's built-in tools to create one. You may have been asked to upload Assets as evidence to a Workbook (see How do I attach evidence to my Workbook in PebblePad? if so), or include Assets within your own Portfolio or Page as a link (see How do I create links to my Assets or websites in PebblePad? if so).

If you are required to create your own Portfolio, Page or Blog in PebblePad, follow the steps below:

  1. From your PebblePad home screen, click Get Creative. The types of Asset you can create from here are a Page, Portfolio (containing multiple pages), Collection, Log or Blog. See the video below for more information on each:

  1. Select the type of Asset that you want to create:

 Menu of types of asset that can be created in PebblePad; Portfolio, Page, Collection, Activity Log and Blog


  1. Your new blank Asset will open. Don't forget to Save your work as you go. Everything you are working on will be saved in your PebblePad Asset Store, so you can continue working on it later.
  2. For help with adding content to your new Asset, see the links below:

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