How do I submit a Turnitin assignment?

Please note that Turnitin assignments must be smaller than 100MB.  We recommend keeping your file under 50MB to ensure the submission is successful.

Please ensure you read the other file type / size requirements before submitting a Turnitin assignment, remember only one document can be submitted (subsequent uploads will replace your first draft).

If you don't comply with these requirements, you won't be able to submit.

  • Please use Google Chrome via a PC for submitting your assignment
  • Note: It is not possible to submit on mobile devices
  • Note: we advise that you don't put any personal details within your submission, except for your username.

You can watch the video guide or follow the steps below:

  1. In your module, click on the Turnitin submission link. Your lecturer can tell you where it is.


  1. The Turnitin assignment opens.


  • Please read the assignment instructions provided by your lecturer.
  • The instructions, Start Date and Due Date for the assignment are displayed when clicking the assignment title or question mark.
  • The Feedback Release Date is when your marks and feedback will be available if your lecturer marks your assignment online.
  • In the Assignment Dashboard you can see any previous submissions you've made (if your lecturer has set up the assignment so that you can overwrite your submissions until the due date - see our guide to resubmission for more information).

Assignment summary showing important information e.g. Start date: When you can submit from; Due date: When your assignment needs to be submitted by; and Feedback release date: When you’ll see your marks and feedback should your lecturer choose to mark online.


  1. Click Upload Submission to start a new submission.


  1. Type your Submission Title in the box provided.


  1. The Upload Submission option allows you to submit a file from your device. You can also submit by Text Input or via Cloud Submission by clicking the tabs across the top.


  1. To upload a file, you can drag and drop the file or click Choose file and select the file from your device.


  1. Click Upload and Review.


  1. The review submission screen appears. You can review your submission and then click Submit to Turnitin. Alternatively, click Cancel Submission if you need to make any changes.


  1. When your submission is successful, you'll see a submission complete notice on the screen.


  1. The Assignment Dashboard will reload and you can check the date and time of your submission. A green status bar will appear at the top of the screen stating your submission was uploaded successfully and a link will be available to download your digital receipt.


Check Your Submission

  1. Click the assignment title in your module to open the Assignment Dashboard. Click the assignment name to open it.


  1. The Turnitin document viewer in Feedback Studio, opens.


  1. You can view the similarity report by clicking the match overview icon on the right, but bear in mind that this can take up to 48 hours to generate. Our guide to viewing and interpreting your similarity report explains this in more detail.


  1. If your lecturer is marking and providing feedback online, you'll be able to view it by clicking the feedback icon (a speech bubble) on the right. This won't be available immediately after submission - you'll need to wait until the feedback release date. Our guide to viewing your marks and feedback provides more information about this.


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