How do I create links to my PebblePad Workbook, assets or websites?

PebblePad has a text editing toolbar, which contains the tool to add a text link to a workbook, asset or website.

To create a link:

  1. Highlight the text you want to become a link  
  2. Click on the 'Link' symbol in the toolbar.
  3. Choose the option to link an item to a Workbook or Asset (a previously uploaded file) or a website (URL) or an email.
  • If you're linking to something you've uploaded or are about to upload, choose 'Asset'. If it's a website, choose 'URL web address'.
  • If you chose 'Asset', your Asset Store will appear in a panel to the right, with the option to upload a new file as an asset if you haven't already done so.
  • If you chose 'URL web address', you will get a box to paste a web address into.

Once you've confirmed your link, the text will then be blue with an underline which disappears when the mouse hovers over it.

Click on 'Preview' in the top left to test your link is working. 

Click 'Save'

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