How do I create links to my Assets or websites in PebblePad?

When working in PebblePad you may need to create links within your work to other Assets in your Asset Store, or to webpages on the internet. You can create links in two ways, depending on how you are using PebblePad:

  1. Using an 'Evidence' section within a Workbook – see How do I attach evidence to my Workbook in PebblePad? for further information.
  2. Using a Text Area (a Text Box, a Table) within one of your Assets.

This guide will show you how to create a link within a Text Area. Please see here if you are using Evidence sections in a workbook.

To create a link within a Text Area:

  1. Open your Asset from your Asset Store and go to a text area where you would like to create a link. A 'text area' is anywhere you can type text in PebblePad, for example a Text Block you have added to your Asset:

 text box in pebblepad


  1. Click in the text area with your mouse - you will notice a text formatting toolbar will appear along the top of your screen when you do this:

the text formatting toolbar in pebblepad


  1. Type some text that you wish to turn into a link and highlight it (or highlight any existing text):

highlighted text in a text box


  1. In the text formatting toolbar at the top of your screen, click on 'Link':

  1. You will now see a box which will ask you what you would like to link to. If you would like to link to one of your Assets in your Asset Store, select 'An Asset' from the dropdown menu, then click 'Select asset'.

If you want to link to a webpage on the internet, select 'URL web address' from the dropdown menu and type the web address into the box titled 'Link to a URL', then click 'Confirm link' (you can now skip to step 7 below):

  1. Your Asset Store will appear in a panel on the right, where you can now select the Asset you would like to link to. You can also search for Assets that don't appear in the panel using the keyword search at the top. If you are linking to a file Asset and you have not uploaded it to PebblePad yet, you can do this now by clicking on 'Upload new' (see here for guidance on uploading a new Asset):

 the side panel which appears if a user selects to link to an asset, showing the users assets


  1. Your text will now become blue in colour and will be underlined, indicating that it is now a link:

 a hyperlink screenshot


  1. You can test your link by clicking on 'Preview' at the top left of the screen, which will display your Asset the same way your tutor will see it:

the preview button


  1. To exit preview mode and go back to editing your Asset, click on 'Edit this Asset' in the top left:

 edit this asset button


IMPORTANT: Remember to click 'Save' when you're finished editing your Asset.

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