How do I upload a file to my Asset Store in PebblePad?

You can upload a file of any kind to your PebblePad Asset Store. This may be evidence you are required to attach to a Workbook (see How do I attach evidence to my Workbook in PebblePad? if so) or content to include in a Portfolio or Page.

You can also use the PebblePocket app on your phone to upload media to your Asset Store (see How do I upload media to my Asset Store using PebblePocket?).

To upload a file to your PebblePad Asset Store:

  1. ​From your PebblePad home screen, click the Upload new box, or use the menu in the top left corner and choose Upload a file.
  2. A box will appear for you to upload your file. You can click and drag your file from your computer into the Drag a file here section, or click on Or choose a file... to manually locate the file on your computer. 

Screenshot showing the File upload box in PebblePad, labelled 'upload a file' and showing the drag and drop area and the manual file finder method


  1. You can then enter a titledescription and add Tags (see How do I add Tags to my PebblePad Assets?) to your new Asset, or add more files if you need to upload more than one thing.
  2. When you're ready to upload it, click on Confirm Upload.
  3. Your file will now upload to PebblePad and become an Asset listed within your Asset Store. Now it's uploaded, you may need to attach it to a Workbook or link to it in a Portfolio/Page. 

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