How do I upload a file in PebblePad?

To upload a file from the home screen of PebblePad

  1. ​Click the Upload new box, or use the menu in the top left corner and choose Upload a file.
  2. You can click and drag your file from your computer into the Drag a file here box or click on Or choose a file... to locate the file. 

    Please note - PebblePad will accept any file type, but please ensure that you select commonly used file type (eg word, pdf) so that whoever is viewing your work is able to open it.
  3. You can then enter a title, description and add tags for your file, or add more files if you need to upload more than one thing.
  4. When you're done just click on Confirm Upload at the bottom.
  5. You will then be able to see your files within your asset store. Now it's uploaded, you may need to attach it to a workbook or link to it in a portfolio. 

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